Insdamatic Plugin Privacy Policy

Data Collection and Storage

At notion360 we respect your privacy!

Since the plugin is installed and hosted on your own WordPress website, notion360 does not collect or store any of your Instagram Platform Data as described in the Facebook Platform Terms (Platform Terms Section 3). On your WordPress site, only the data you request is stored in your WordPress database at your host. All Platform Data will be instantly deleted by uninstalling the plugin. We do not collect any data from visitors to your website or send any Instagram Platform Data to us or any third party at any time.

Types of Data Processed

When you use our plugin to connect to Instagram, the following data is returned from their platform and processed by the plugin:

  • An access token for your Instagram account.
  • Information posted on your Instagram profile which you choose to connect in the plugin, by you or others, such as posts, photos, videos.

Purpose of Processed Data

The purpose of processing the data listed above is as follows:

  • An access token for your account is used to connect to the Instagram API to retrieve content for the profile that you have connected. The access token is granted the permissions that you choose to allow when authenticating the app.
  • Information from your Instagram profile such as photos, videos, and captions are used to create blog posts on your WordPress site. The information included in the blog posts is based on your settings in the plugin configuration page.

Permission Model: Grant of Least Access

The plugin is built to be “read only” and it is not able to publish any data to, or edit any data on, your Instagram platform. The plugin can only display your Instagram content. It also does not give you the option to like or comment on content, edit or delete photos, or perform any of the other actions that the Instagram platform allows.

Removal of Platform Data

All Platform Data will be instantly deleted by uninstalling the plugin. We do not collect any data from your website visitors or send Platform Data to us or third parties at any time. However, Instagram posts that were published by the app to your WordPress blog will remain on your blog until deleted individually.

Third Party APIs

Our plugin utilizes the Instagram API. Any data retrieved using this APIs is strictly restricted to the site on which our plugin is installed. This data is stored in the database that is used by the site where the product is installed.

The Instagram API, which is used by our product, may collect usage data. You can visit the Instagram Data Policy page for more information about how this APIs may collect or use your data.


Cookies are used to handle the connection between your browser and your Instagram account during authorization. These cookies are stored locally on your computer. The plugin does not store any cookies on your visitors computers.

Changes to this Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy at any time! If a change is necessary, which we deem material, then we will update this page. By continuing to use the plugin after changes become effective, you agree to be bound by the revised Privacy Policy.

Effective: 8th June 2024

For questions or comments related to this Privacy Policy, please contact us here.