N360 | Splash Screen

I recently finished development of a WordPress plugin and published it at WordPress.org. It’s a landing page or splash screen for any wordpress blog or website called

N360 | Splash Screen

After a detailed code review by the WordPress team and a few revisions on my end, it was approved and it’s now available at the WordPress plugin repository. If you want to take a peek and see how it works, here is a link to my demo page.

If you’re running a WordPress website and you are brave enough to give the initial release a try you can install it directly from your WordPress admin plugin page. Search for N360 and it will pop up. Or you can download it from the WordPress repository and manually install it.

Enjoy! It’s free!

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  1. Diego 2021.03.05 3:33pm

    HI, i tried to use this pluggin, but there is an little issue, when i select my logo for splash image, the logo appears so big, an actually you can’t see the logo in the windows. Can you tell me what is the size of the logo to add in a splash image.


    • bistromatic 2021.03.05 3:38pm

      Hello Diego,

      In my demo the size of the logo is 433 x 244 pixel. That’s a good starting point. It depends also on your background and how much you want to cover.

      • Diego 2021.03.05 3:58pm

        But what happen if my background its just a color? i just want my logo in the center, maybe i need to play width the image size

  2. Diego 2021.03.05 3:55pm

    Hi again,

    Another issue, you said your plugin its responsive, but i saw your demo in my phone, and it’s no resposive, the image appear a little more big than my phone screen, you need to fix it, because its a great plugin. I hope an answer. Bye.

    • bistromatic 2021.03.05 5:07pm

      Thanks for the feedback!
      I just noticed that the logo is off center on the phone.
      I will fix this in the next update!

    • bistromatic 2021.03.06 10:32pm


      I’ve released a new version of the plug-in where the logo size For mobile devices is fixed.

  3. Fox 2021.06.12 3:12pm

    Is there a way to control repeated displays of the Splash page for a site visitor? I’d like the Splash page to display when a visitor first arrives at my website. But once they’ve reached the Home page and navigate to other pages, if they return to the Home page (e.g. via “Home” menu option) I would like the Home page to display without the Splash happening again (until they leave the website).

    I thought the “Run always on home page” option might handle this, but unchecking this option stops the Splash altogether (it is never shown).

    • bistromatic 2021.07.29 4:26pm

      Hi Fox,

      I just tested the “run always on home page” option and on my website the splash screen loads every time on the home page when this option is checked.

      Do you have any other plugins running that might interfere?

  4. Bastien 2021.07.28 9:22am

    Hi, First things first : your plugin works perfectly ! thanks you !

    I have a question about the animation of the Splash Image : Is it possible to remove the fadeout and resume animation ? I would like to maintain my splash image on screen until the home page is loaded.

    • bistromatic 2021.07.29 4:23pm

      Hi Bastien,

      Thank you for your feedback!

      I’m not quite sure what exactly you’re asking for. Do you want the home page to load in the background so that after the animation is over there is no delay in loading your homepage?

      • Bastien 2021.08.02 2:47am

        Hi Bistromantic,
        Yes exactly ! but I’m not sure if it’s possible…

        • bistromatic 2021.08.02 10:19am

          I have to investigate and see if that’s possible.

  5. sarthak 2021.12.10 10:07am

    Hi ,
    is there any possibilities that this would work without changing home url to this https://example.com/?r

    i dont want to add this( ?r )

    • bistromatic 2021.12.10 10:55am

      I have to check and see what I can do. This was the only method I could come up with to show the splash screen only once when you visit the site for the first time.

    • bistromatic 2022.02.17 8:04am

      Hi Sarthak, I’ve just released a new version. Now the ?r is gone.

  6. Bastien 2022.02.17 2:28am

    Hello, Since the last update I notice an issue. My splash image is looping over and over, the animation is working (delay, fadein, sustain, fadeout etc) but I don’t reach the homepage.

    any idea how to fix that ?a

    • bistromatic 2022.02.17 8:01am

      Hi Bastien, you may have to clear your browser cache and cookies because the mechanism of how the redirect works has been changed. I noticed the same during development.

      • Bastien 2022.02.28 8:47am

        Hi, thanks for the tips. I still have some troubles, from WordPress admin everything’s work just fine if I enable or disable the plugin I see the changes. But for exemple my coworkers are still being stuck with le looping intro… I tried to clear theirs cache but the image is still looping… maybe the problem came from the last WordPress update ?

        • bistromatic 2022.03.06 12:05pm

          I have been trying to reproduce this by installing the plugin on a couple of sites and I can’t reproduce it. Is your setup a WordPress multi-site?

  7. Cope 2023.01.21 10:30am

    Can this be used as a Coming Soon page? I would like a black screen and have the logo with some info fade in and stay instead of fading out and going to a different page. Is this possible?

    • bistromatic 2023.01.21 2:03pm

      That would require a change in my code. Right now it only provides the functionality to go to your wordpress homepage after the splash screen has finished. I will give this a thought and keep you posted.

  8. Zico 2023.02.14 8:44am

    I have a conflict with wp-optimize, the splash page is looping because of the cache. How can i fix this ?

    • bistromatic 2023.02.14 9:12am

      Hi Zico,

      I have to test this. I’m not familiar with wp-optimize. I’ll get back to you after my investigation.

    • bistromatic 2023.02.14 9:23am


      I just installed wp-optimize on my SplashScreen demo page at https://notion360.com/SplashScreen/ and the splash screen still works fine. I enabled the cache and optimized the database. Obviously there are many settings in wp-optimize where I don’t know if they are turned on at your site. Anything advanced you enabled on your site?