N360 Insdamatic

N360 | Insdamatic is a WordPress plugin that allows you to copy Instagram® posts to your WordPress website. It uses a shortcode, which can be placed on any page or post, to display your recent Instagram posts. N360 | Insdamatic configuration allows you to specify which Instagram® posts should be displayed and how many times a day it looks for new Instagram® posts to refresh the display.

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Privacy Policy

We respect our customers privacy! We do not store or share any of our customers data with/through our N360 | Insdamatic WordPress Plugin. The only place where customer information is stored is on the customers WordPress server. Once you remove the N360 | Insdamatic plugin from your WordPress installation, all associated data will be erased.

N360 | Insdamatic Privacy Policy

Report a Security Vulnarability

If you encounter any issues or security vulnerabilities with your N360 | Insdamatic plugin, click here to send us a message.